Like most women when Sheena got pregnant she gained weight. We all do it when pregnant. But when the baby was out, she got down to business and she lost weight…a-LOT of weight. She drank Pure Trim, worked out and lost 115 lbs. Amazing. You can read more about her story HERE. Many women lose weight, but most do it privately. Sheena wanted her story to encourage others so she has been very open about her journey. This extended to her surgery to remove the excess tummy skin from loosing all that weight. She blogged her story with Real Self (, a website that documents individuals stories and reviews of different cosmetic procedures. Real Self referred to her as a “Power User” because of how open she was about her tummy tuck. They loved her so much that they wanted to use her as a cover for the home page of their website. These are real images of a real person who had a real surgery for the real self website.  Why hire a model when you have the power of REAL.

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I was blown away by the support and love that the Frick and Beiler family showed these sweet twin boys. Family flew and drove from all across the states to come be a part of their baptism. These two little cutie-pies were such champs throughout the ceremony. From start to finish, it was perfect in every way.

Pews full of nothing but family and friends.

A glance exchanged between sisters.

Little Cutie-Pies.

Somebody was really sleepy. 


His brother’s turn.

That is a lot of love.

Sweet little family.

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Warm pancakes, pajamas, living room dance parties, daddy wrestle time. These are some of the Naramore’s family traditions for Friday mornings. You probably noticed that these are not your “normal” family pictures. These are Lifestyle pictures. Images taken of everyday, normal life. You can read a little more about what exactly Lifestyle shoots are all about, HERE. Are you preserving the memory of your family traditions? They deserve to be celebrated and remembered.

What does that taste like?Justice did not approve. 

Sharing is hard. 

What?? I not in da cupboard. 

There were epic dance moves.

Singing the lyrics to Frozen’s  song, “Let it Go”.

Justice had the best booty shake I have ever seen!! 

Someone wants to be just like big sister.

Breakfast prayers.

Pancakes that were finger-licking good! 

Every little girl needs to sit on her Dad’s lap and cuddle.

No one can escape the tickle hand. NO ONE.

Little boys need Mama’s kisses (even if they act like they don’t). 

Wrestle time.

Such sweetness.


Family reading time and baby stole the show. 

Family cuddles. To see more images or to order prints, CLICK HERE!

Messy hair, backyard play, bath time, bubbles, dance parties, barbecues, naps, baking cookies, snuggles on the couch. This is everyday life with families of little children. I am all for having a time when everyone dresses up and gets herded out the front door to go smile at the camera. But what about the other 364 days of the year? What about real life? There is something so beautiful and precious about everyday life. Your daughters special blanket that is all tattered. The princess outfit that makes its daily debut. The backyard that is covered in chalk. Lifestyle Photography aims to capture all of that in an artistic manner.

When my children are old and grown, I don’t just want nice pictures of us looking our best, I want nice pictures of the moments that make our ordinary days special. I don’t want to forget the details. When I think about my own childhood it is the details that I remember and that I miss. So don’t just hire a photographer to capture you at your best. Invite a Lifestyle Photographer into the intimate setting of your ordinary, everyday life. Let them capture those details for you with YOU in them. In ten years you’ll be glad you did.

I love how natural this is for Talon. Such a good big brother.

Its hard to compete with Mom painting your nails.

Everlee: “When are we going to do family pictures of just ME???”

I got Mom’s WALLET!!! Yipee!!!


The pitter-patter of little baby feet.

There were tears….but not from the children.

Melts me. 

Such a good Dad. 

Sister, Barbie play

Yes, you can have whatever you want. 

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It was such a joy to hang out and photograph the Talks family. They are a down to earth, fun-loving group of people. Families flew in from all over the states to spend a Christmas together. I got to document their love for each other.

I couldn’t get enough of this little man.

The gang.

That smile!!

melts me.


Such a boring couple.

So much beauty.

Their love was where it all began.

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