The first time I really got to know Lyndsay was in her backyard. She and Wyley had been nominated for (and won) the “Yard Crashers” show. I watched as their backyard that was nothing but weeds was completely redone within a few short days. As I reflect on that crazy home makeover show, I remember another huge difference: no children. As I sat on their deck with my camera and took in what was before me, I was struck by the transformation that has taken place in their lives. What was once dead foliage was now plush greenery. I remembered hearing the anxiety in my friend’s voice over many coffee dates as she talked through her adoption process and worried about her children who were somewhere in the foster care system. She had not met them, but she knew were out there, waiting for her. Waiting for the paperwork to finish. Waiting for the social workers to do their job. Just waiting and unknowingly counting on the grown ups to make a way for their family to come together. There were so many unknowns and countless frustrations along the way. We prayed that they would be kept safe, that wherever they were that they were being taken care of.

It has been a little over a year that these precious children have come into their new home- their last home. I have watched as literally overnight a Husband and Wife turn into a Mom and a Dad of not one, but two children. It has been challenging at times but they have not done it alone. As I look at these images I can’t help but feel overwhelmed by the goodness of God. He takes broken relationships and circumstances and redeems them into something beautiful and new.

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You can tell a lot about a family by following them around for an hour or two, watching them interact. I was blown away by all the love between these three. Such a tight-knit bond between them. Lighthearted, fun Dad and loving, nurturing Mom. I can’t think of much more a kid could ask for.

I remember talking to Adrienne a few years ago about their adoption. They were approved but they were waiting…..waiting for their daughter. She was somewhere in the foster care system – still unknown to each other.

I was so honored to be there the morning of the culmination of this long journey and in many ways, the beginning of another one. This day was years in the making. Family members flew in, friends battled rush hour traffic and in the midst of the chaos and the waiting there was an atmosphere of support, joy and expectation. It was beautiful – but then again, adoption is beautiful. Every adoption is born out of loss, but in that loss there is redemption, there is a new beginning and there is hope.

(To read a letter that Adrienne wrote Finley before meeting her, click HERE. WARNING: Tissues needed)

The sad truth is that often photographers have next to no pictures of themselves! So Melissa Babasin Photography and I teamed up and decided to help each other out. Family picture swap. A week later she had to put up with me and my gang. Now I finally have beautiful pictures of my kids that I am in.

Melissa and I have actually known each other since High School. I remember many days of Art class with her. Fast forward 15 years and here we both are, with young families and photography businesses. Sometimes life goes full circle like that.

Melissa thank you for trusting me with capturing your beautiful, silly bunch!

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Kylie is going into her Senior year of High School. She is smart, passionate, goofy, talented and (clearly) gorgeous. I loved that we were able to capture her in her element, playing and singing. This girl has a pair of chords on her!  So much is on her horizon as she enters her last year of High School and plans of this next chapter of her life begin to unfold.

Many blessings on everything ahead, your future is truly bright!

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